Gotta love the web to provide lots of information about virtually everything. We have pulled what we consider to be the best of the best with respect to supporting advertising and marketing resources. From advertising terms to weather reports.


Advertising Glossary:

Trade publications:
Advertising Age
Brand Week

Local Advertising Information - top of page

Crain's Detroit
Big Idea
Adcraft Club of Detroit

Audio, video and film - top of page

Audio, Video and Film Glossary:

Since once is never enough, the following link is offered for a more in-depth look into the terms specific to the video industry:

Media - top of page


if you didn't find it there, check this glossary:

Last but not least:

Public Relations: - top of page

Looking to take a more active role in your public relations efforts? For a fee, you can access publicity media resources in the Detroit area. We can help you with the rest of your needs to ensure an effective public relations campaign.

Printing: - top of page

To get all the terms from accordion fold to z fold (well actually they don't have "z fold") take a look at any of the following:
Glossary of printing and typographic terms:

Just in case you were looking for three sources of industry terms...

How about a fourth...or a fifth? is set up although their glossary is not, just yet. A great reference for any print related topics.

Paper Stock and Standard Stationary Sizes-Domestic and Foreign: - top of page

Covering everything from Absorbency to Wove Paper:

One of our favorites, this site takes all of the guesswork out of figuring out envelope and stationary sizes.

And, if you are doing business overseas, this site covers the UK, Eastern Europe and the Far East paper sizes. It also covers the ISO standards (metric) with a handy fractional and decimal metric conversion table.

Basis weight and gram conversion tables:

Technology - top of page

Great quick, easy way to see if your monitor is producing the color it is supposed to:

Direct Mail - top of page


2nd glossary

Where doooo you start? How about the venerable checklist?
Where would we be without checklists? Thank the Post Office for this foray into the world of direct mail preflight documentation. Not big on depth, but it is a good place to start:

Zip code Finder
Looking for someone's zip code? Plug in what you know here and let the USPS do the rest:

One stamp or two? Now you can tell!

Don't you just wish you could find out what the postage was for a package or a letter without going to the post office? You'll love this one. And since postage is the single most expensive element in most direct mail campaigns, this can help you figure that part of the budget out upfront as well:

Your efforts are only as reliable as your mail list
Make sure your vendor can furnish a National Change of Address service-Our Postal Service explains on this link. Make sure you can sort your list down to the "carrier route" level as much as possible. We can help with that too.

Bulk Rate Discounts
Thinking about sending out bulk rate to capitalize on the significant discount? We can help you with those discussions and save you money by using our indicia so you won't have to apply or pay for one. But, you may have your own reasons for keeping a permit yourself, you can apply for a permit here:

Internet Resources - top of page

Internet Terms:,1401,,00.html

Buzzwhacks more entertaining version of a dictionary for the Internet intimidated:

Web address information:
Wondering if your idea for a website address has already been taken? Check here at Network Solutions site. You can also find out who owns specific web addresses and when they are about to expire by clicking on the "who is" graphic:

User Environment Statistics
Internet Usage
Total number of Web users 300 million September, 2000.
Source: IDC Online User Forecast International Data Corporation

Web users from home - 70%
Source: NPD Online Worldwide survey

Web users from work - 25.9%
Source: NPD Online Worldwide survey

Largest segment of Web users are age 18 to 34
Source: Jupiter Media Metrix- Sept. 12, 2000

Internet connection speed:
51% use 56K modems
15.3% use 33.6k or below
11.3% use DSL or Cable
10.2% use T1 or faster network
2.7% use ISDN
Source: NPD Online Worldwide survey

Web Browser usage in 2000:
Internet Explorer 5.0 45.5%
Internet Explorer 4.0 11.2%
Internet Explorer 3.0 1.5%
Other IE Browser versions .8%
Netscape 6 2.4%
Netscape 4.0 20.4%
Other Netscape Browsers 2.1%
Other 5.5%

Media Players: (Percentage of total number of web users (300 million) can view)
Macromedia Flash content - 96%
Macromedia Shockwave 56%
Windows Media Player 62%
Acrobat Reader 62%
Real Audio/Video 51%
Quicktime 34% (Mac Users)
Source: NPD Online Worldwide survey-Conducted Quarterly (September, 2000)

Monitor Size Trend From 5-99 to 10-99:
14" 10-6%
15" 40%
17" 30-40%
19" 10%
21" 5%
LCD 5%

Global Spending in Advertising:
2.8 billion in 1999
23 billion by 2004
Source: Forrester Research

11.1 billion in 2000
Source: Forrester Research

Email Marketing:
Online consumers in the United States will receive more than 1,600
commercial e-mail messages in 2005 Source: Jupiter Communications Advertising On Line

More support information for the "hesitant decision maker."
Don't take our word for it... OK, you can. But if you're a skeptic, take a look at all of the research Morgan Stanley has done on the subject of trends regarding Internet usage in "The Internet User/Usage Ecosystem Framework - CQ2:01 Update."

ISP's, Browsers, Monitor resolution, HTML/Flash, Frames, glossary

Search engine tips:
How Search engines work:

Meta tag information:

The basics on Keywords:
More on keywords, the foundation of everything you do for "search friendly" sites
Usability and User Interface (Oh, great, more buzzwordsŠ) points to ponder:

Too Cool to Categorize - top of page

And, the "how did we ever get by without this cool stuff" links area with everything from weather, satellite photography to used car pricing. Hey, this is The Motor City after all.

The ever-popular shortest distance between two points, free maps and directions site

If you ever get one of those "send this to everyone you know and...make money, save a child, stop the gov't messages" you can confirm whether they are a hoax or have a basis in fact at This site is great and really has a lot of information regarding the urban legends proliferated on the web.

Tired of looking for the phone books or calling information for numbers? If the "Ma Belles" have it, this site has the number as well, and they never charge a fee!

The winningest teams in town our pucksters The hoopsters and the venerable sluggers of Motown.

One of the best satellite photography sites we have found. Great way to see if you need to clean your gutters or not...almost enough resolution to help you locate that Frisbee on your roof! Unfortunately it is not real time, the images were taken in 1999. Take a look at this image of Comerica Park before they had a name for it.

NOTE: Use the "back" key below the image to eliminate the longitude and latitude grid. The zoom control at the top of this view will let you zoom out and then downtown Detroit will come into view.

Associations: - top of page

Direct Marketing Association of Detroit

Adcraft Club of Detroit

Production Club of Detroit
GLIMA and Automation Alley

Printing Industries of Michigan

Print Buyers Online

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