Interior Resources

Kendillon offers the highest quality, state-of-the-art appliances for each custom home we build. With so many decisions to be made, we suggest you take a few minutes to review some of the many options available to you. A Kendillon design specialist will then meet with you to fine tune your wish list and make it a dream come true!



This is one of the biggest decision making areas for your home because so many of the other design decisions depend upon the type of cabinetry you select. Once you’ve briefly looked at these suggestions, you will want to sit down with a Kendillon design specialist to review the functional requirements, budget and style that fit you.



Plumbing and Fixtures
An often-overlooked area, we believe that details such as faucets and sink bowl designs help us to capture our clients’ exclusive style.

DC Supply

We encourage our clients to take the time to look at a variety of counter top options before making any decision. Selecting the right surface materials plays directly into accomplishing your interior design goals. This will give you a good start in making these decisions because counter top options shouldn’t be an afterthought.



There are so many flooring options to consider! We want to help you make the flooring decisions that will make the statement you want while also adapting to your family’s lifestyle. These areas will give you a good idea of the variety available so you will have a good idea of your requirements when it’s time to make your flooring decisions.

Wood floors


Exterior Resources

True Architectural Stone

Roof Material Selector

Details matter with Kendillon. That's why we work together with our clients to guide them through informed decisions about the products and materials available for their custom home. With so many decisions to make and detail to consider, we've put together a series of links for our clients to facilitate their decision making process. Please consult with your Kendillon design specialist to review the specifications and requirements of the interior and exterior components of your home.